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Kennesaw State University, in partnership with the Georgia Institute of Technology and through a Robert Noyce award from the National Science Foundation, has created an Initiative to Increase and Mentor Physics and Chemistry Teachers (I-IMPACT) program. The I-IMPACT program has two parallel components. The first part is designed to recruit qualified professionals and career-changers (called Teaching Fellows) interested in becoming secondary school physics or chemistry teachers. The second part is focused towards current teachers seeking to develop as teacher leaders (called Master Teaching Fellows). Purposeful interactions between the two groups allow Teaching Fellows and Master Teaching Fellows to learn from each other’s diverse experiences.

Selected applicants will receive annual $10,000 stipends during the five year program, totaling $50,000 per participant. Additional funds are available for graduate tuition, professional development activities, memberships in professional organizations, travel, and supplies for classroom activities.

For more information regarding the I-IMPACT Noyce II Program at Kennesaw State University, contact Nancy Overley at

Goals for Master Teaching Fellows:

  • Deepen content knowledge
  • Develop framework for engaging in mentoring/induction program
  • Encourage and grow novice and pre-service teachers
  • Increase pedagogy
  • Utilize effective science presentations and resources
  • Drive teacher-centered professional development
  • Become change agents in department/school/county/state
  • Increase arsenal of instructional strategies for different levels of study
  • Develop methods to capture the impact of teaching and analyze effectiveness