Number of Years Teaching: 9 years

Current School and County: Paulding County High School, Paulding County

Degree(s) Earned: B.S. Chemistry, M.S. Organic Chemistry, Ed.S. Curriculum & Instruction

Why do you want to be in this program and why are you excited to be a part of it?
I want to grow in my profession beyond just the classroom. I want to positively impact others in my profession as well. I love that this program is aligned with improving the science profession, and I get to be a part of that movement toward change and improvement. I do not like stagnation, and I have certainly not been able to feel stagnant while in I-IMPACT! I am learning to master the tools in which I can catalyze change to occur and am feeling inspired to make a difference in my profession.

What qualities does a teacher leader possess that you would like to develop within yourself by the end of the program?
I would love to be the kind of teacher that inspires others to make a difference, whether they are a student or a professional. A teacher leader does not settle for complacency, but rather pushes herself to continue to grow and achieve. I want to become someone who grows new teacher leaders to perpetuate the cycle of change. By nature, I love helping others, and this quality is what drives me personally.

What is a current issue in K-12 science education that you are interested in helping to solve?
Ah there are so many…. I suppose one issue I might be interested in helping solve is getting teachers to not feel threatened by other teachers so they can be open and honest with one another. Sharing weaknesses and asking for help is a step to personal growth, and I think most teachers I come across do not honestly admit when they are weak in an area. It hurts to feel inadequate and makes one vulnerable to criticism. If we feel we can safely just be real with each other, it allows ideas to be shared more feely and meetings can be more genuinely productive.

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