Degree(s) earned and from where:
-B.S. Electrical & Computer Engineering, The Ohio State University
-M.S. Industrial Engineering, The Ohio State University

Previous career: Manufacturing Operations, Finacial Planning, Stay-at-Home Dad

Concentration/Subject: Physics

What made you decide to change to a career in K-12 teaching?
There is a strong need for educators that will inspire students to not just learn for the test, but to learn for a deeper understanding. I feel that with my “real-world” experience I will be able to help students understand the application of concepts rather than just the equations that will allow them to solve problems. I hope this will create a love of science and technology in my students and foster future technical leaders.

What attracted you to Kennesaw State University’s MAT program?
The support that I will receive from the professors at KSU not only during the program, but after i receive my degree attracted me to the MAT program. Having university professors that are willing to travel to my classroom and help me conduct a new lab or introduce a new topic is a powerful tool that is available to me. The student community that is built within the MAT program will provide me a group of colleagues that I can learn new ideas from after we are all in the classroom.

What do you hope to learn by being a Noyce Teaching Fellow?
I hope to learn new teaching techniques that I can use in the classroom to increase student understanding and retention of challenging topics. I also hope to prepare to be a leader for other teachers in the field.

What challenges do you think exist in high needs schools that differ from non-high needs schools?
Students in high-needs schools have competing priorities that are not as prevalent in non-high needs schools like after school employment, helping to raise younger siblings, and more challenging home environments.

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