Institution/Department/Title: Assistant Director of Evaluation, CEISMC, Georgia Institute of Technology

Degrees & Institutions: Ph.D. Research, Measurement, and Statistics, Georgia State University

Brief Bio:
Dr. Alemdar has experience evaluating programs that fall under the umbrella of educational evaluation, including K-12 educational curricula, after-school programs, and comprehensive school reform initiatives. Across these evaluations, she has used a variety of evaluation methods, ranging from multi-level evaluation plans designed to assess program impact to monitoring plans designed to facilitate program improvement.

Dr. Alemdar received her Ph.D. in Research, Measurement, and Statistics from the Department of Education Policy at Georgia State University (GSU). She was a part of a team at GSU that evaluated the Georgia Academic Service Learning (GASL) Program on a federal grant from 2003-08 on behalf of the Georgia Department of Education. In evaluating the GASL, Dr. Alemdar provided technical expertise on survey design and analysis using multi-level modeling as well as simple descriptive statistics.

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