Degree(s) earned and from where:
B.A. Physics, Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley MA 1992
M.S. Ceramic Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta GA, 1996
Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta GA, 1998

Previous career:
“Physicist III” at Columbian Chemicals Company specializing in electron characterization and analysis of carbon black

Concentration/Subject: Physics

What made you decide to change to a career in K-12 teaching?
I began becoming involved my children’s elementary school science activities in an attempt to enrich and enhance the opportunities in science available in 2009. I conducted science lab lessons as a class guest, developed an annual science fair and finally began teaching an after school science enrichment group beginning in 2011, as well as a LEGO robotics class in 2012. These experiences allowed me to realize that I have a passion for teaching science and passing on my love of it to students with open and eager minds.

What attracted you to Kennesaw State University’s MAT program?
Kennesaw State has a very good reputation in our area for its education programs. I was impressed by the faculty involved in the MAT program itself as well as their goals for their graduates and commitment to their training and success.

What do you hope to learn by being a Noyce Teaching Fellow?
I have a significant science content background from my past education, however, the knowledge required to pass that on successfully to students was not included in my previous degrees. I hope that as a Noyce Teaching Fellow I can gain the skills and learn the practices of a dynamic and successful teacher as well as forge a network of other teaching professionals for mutual support and development in the future.

What challenges do you think exist in high needs schools that differ from non-high needs schools?
High needs can mean many different things. Where high needs refers to resources being at a premium in the area of science it would be a challenge to build up not only the personnel required to run a successful and complete science program but also the physical resources such as lab equipment and supplies.

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