Number of Years Teaching: 10

Current School and County: Dacula High School, Gwinnett County

Subject: Physics

Degree(s) Earned: B.S. In Physics, M.Ed.

Why do you want to be in this program and why are you excited to be a part of if?
After 9 years of teaching, I felt like I was no longer growing and no longer excited about teaching. I see this program as a way to grow as a teacher as well as have higher goals without leaving education or going into administration. I am excited about building a community of teacher leaders I can learn from and collaborate with so I can have a bigger impact myself.

What qualities does a teacher leader possess that you would like to develop within yourself by the end of the program?
I would like to develop more confidence in my own teaching so that I can feel more like a teacher leader. Also, I would like to develop the skill of inspiring/motivating others to want to improve their instruction and try new things.

What is a current issue in K-12 science education that you are interested in helping to solve?
Differentiating the science classroom for very diverse populations to better serve all students.

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