Degree(s) earned and from where: B.S. in Chemistry from the Georgia Institute of Technology

Previous career: Research assistant in chemistry lab at Georgia Tech, Teaching assistant in chemistry lab at Georgia Tech

Concentration/Subject: Chemistry

What made you decide to change to a career in K-12 teaching?
After working in a research laboratory and as a teaching assistant, I found that I preferred working with people, and I enjoyed helping students understand chemistry. I enjoyed sharing my enthusiasm for chemistry with my students, and I enjoyed seeing them learn and improve.

What attracted you to Kennesaw State University’s MAT program?
One of the primary reasons I chose KSU’s program is that it offers the MAT degree with a specialty in a particular concentration or subject area, and it offers specific courses for education in that concentration. This helps us improve as teachers who are experts in a particular content area, which is something that students need.

What do you hope to learn by being a Noyce Teaching Fellow?
I hope to prepare to be the kind of teacher that students need, to be informed on effective educational and classroom management techniques, and to be informed about effective teaching techniques in my content area, chemistry.

What challenges do you think exist in high needs schools that differ from non-high needs schools?
I think high-needs schools are in need of teachers who are committed to the teaching profession, who are enthusiastic and well-informed about their subject areas, and who are willing to make an effort to connect with their students and encourage them to learn. However, high-needs schools face the challenge of high turnover rates of good teachers and administrators.

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