Number of years teaching: 10 years

Current school and county: Peachtree Ridge High School, Gwinnett County

Subject: Chemistry, Forensics

Degree(s) earned: Education Specialist in Science Education

Why do you want to be in this program and why are you excited to be a part of it?
I want to become a better teacher and a more effective leader by building upon the skills that I have gained from my experience in the classroom.

What qualities does a teacher leader possess that you would like to develop within yourself by the end of the program?
I hope to improve both my content knowledge and my pedagogical skills, as well my ability to be a more reflective teacher. I hope that the skills that I adopt while in the program will be transferred to my colleagues as well.

What is a current issue in K-12 science education that you are interested in helping to solve?
I am interested in ways in which science teachers can facilitate success in science for diverse student populations, as well as ways to recruit and retain highly effective science teachers. I believe critical thinking and science process skills are extremely important, and I would like to find ways to implement these skills in all science classrooms.

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