Degree(s) earned and from where:

-BS Chemistry UNC-Chapel Hill
-MS Chemical Engineering Georgia Tech
-MBA Emory University

Previous career: Kimberly-Clark Polymer Materials R&D/ International Technical Support/ Quality & Business Management over 25 years

Concentration/Subject: Chemistry

What made you decide to change to a career in K-12 teaching?
I have always liked teaching and did a lot of training activities during my career. Even though I was in business management and strategy development, I was always looking at it from a technical perspective. I started tutoring middle school students in science and math and then started tutoring high school students and found that I liked it, so when I became aware of it, I applied for the KSU MAT- Chemistry program and the Noyce II Fellowship.

What attracted you to Kennesaw State University’s MAT program? 
Primarily the Noyce II Fellowship program.

What do you hope to learn by being a Noyce Teaching Fellow? 
I plan to learn how to motivate students in high needs school by exposing them to why chemistry is useful in their everyday lives and to industry in general.

What challenges do you think exist in high needs schools that differ from non-high needs schools?
I believe that the primary challenge in high needs schools is to convince the students that the science and math courses are relevant to their lives and can provide a benefit in jobs that they may be contemplating to pursue.

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