15 Aug

A chemical and physical attraction that cannot be stopped thanks to KSU’s Noyce-Chemistry and Physics Undergraduate program. This program offers a two-year scholarship to KSU juniors and seniors who complete their chemistry or physics education degree. It also offers early classroom teaching opportunities with a weeklong summer camp where students lead lessons.

Noyce CPU Scholarship: Six chemistry scholars and two physics scholars received the Noyce-Chemistry and Physics Undergraduate Scholarship award during the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 academic years. The Noyce CPU Scholarship uses the Robert Noyce funds to offer 25 two-year stipends up to $27,000 to KSU juniors and seniors who want to graduate with a chemistry or physics degree and receive a teaching certificate in the related content area. This program assists in placements for teaching positions in high school chemistry, physics and physical science. Scholars receiving the award have the opportunity to attend conferences and receive financial support for supplies.

Service Learning Course: The service learning courses for chemistry and physics introduces students to the guiding principles of science education in the context of outreach to middle school science students. This course provides early teaching experience. Upon completion of the service learning course students will be able to:

-Discuss and implement inquiry-based physical science teaching methods with local middle school students

-Gain appreciation of the learning process to strengthen interpersonal skills

-Develop cross-cultural skills and an appreciation for the diversity that exists among students in local public schools

-Determine how to apply one’s personal skills and interests to contribute to the betterment of society

KeCoPa ISLAND (Kennesaw Cobb Partnership – Investigating Scientific Learning, Applications, and New Discoveries) Summer Camp: Eight high school students and 12 KSU students are offered an authentic situated learning experience during a week-long KeCoPa ISLAND summer camp where their skills learned through the service learning course are tested. This early experience allows students to participate in educational practices with educators in these disciplines. Here the students are camp leaders and are in charge of leading a chemistry or physics content lesson with a related experiment for the first four days of the camp. The last day of camp consists of a KSU campus tour and first-hand experience of college life for the camp leaders and middle school students. The Noyce CPU Scholarship is a collaborative project between the College of Science and Mathematics, Bagwell College of Education at KSU and Cobb County School District. We are actively recruiting for Summer 2016. Please contact Dr. Michelle Dean at mdean28@kennesaw.edu

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